Tolkien Room

The Tolkien Room


Attached to the Church by an Entrance Corridor, the Tolkien Room is a small hall that is used every Sunday after Mass for people to meet. It is also used for many other Parish events both social and educational as well as being available for hire (see Contacts for details.)

Fr-J-TolkienThe Hall is called the Tolkien Room because it was built through the encouragement and generosity of Fr. John Tolkien who was Parish Priest at St Peter’s from 1987 to 1994. He was the son of the famous Oxford Catholic author of “The Lord of the Rings”, and thus was able to give a great deal of money towards the project. 


Reverend John Tolkien (May 1994).

Inside the hall on the ceiling rafters you can see a little figure that some think is an angel, but other prefer to see as a Hobbit. The Hall leads out onto a Patio with extensive grounds and a great view south east towards a beautiful wooded hill which is the western end of Wytham Wood.  You can also see an ancient Sarsen stone that was found during the Archaeological dig and is thought to be over 2000 years old. Outside the entrance to the Church and the Hall a weathervane shows Fr. Tolkien’s initials.







The Room was opened on 23rd September 1994 and here is a short Report from the ceremony.