The Statues


As you pass round you will have seen a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus and so the Mother of God. Following the words of Jesus from the cross, we honour her as our Mother and always ask her to pray for us. As we do so we can light a candle as a sign to us and to others that even when we stop praying, our Mother Mary continues to pray from her place close to God in the glory of heaven.


You will also have seen another statue of Jesus wearing a red robe and showing us his heart. This is a statue of the Sacred P1080118-768x1024Heart of Jesus, a symbolic way of showing how much Jesus loves us and the whole world. His death on the cross is the greatest sign of this, but lest we think of this as only a past event, the Sacred Heart reminds us the Jesus is eternally alive and present for us pouring out his love for those who are prepared to receive him and put their faith in him. Here too you can say a prayer and light a candle.