St Peter and the Confessional

St Peter and the Confessional


Before you go, look just to the left of the organ. Above the door there, you will see a rather dark picture of St Peter. Look carefully and you will see his keys, just as you can see them behind the altar and outside on the west wall of the Church.

To the left of this door is another door that leads into the Confessional. You are welcome to go in and look at this place where people kneel or sit to share their lives in prayer and in complete confidence with the priest. You can see through to the place where the priest sits to listen, and eventually to offer the forgiveness of God to the person who has made their confession. 

The keys of St Peter are a reminder of the moment when Jesus gave Peter the keys of the kingdom with the task of leading the church, with the power to forgive the sins of all those who are truly sorry.