Church is currently closed, but in the meantime it will still be a great consolation to your parishioners to know that Mass is being celebrated daily in their local church and that they are spiritually united with the celebrant and with one another as beneficiaries of the Sacrifice of Christ.

To follow the Mass from you home, please go to Universalis for reading and prayer of everyday Mass.
You can also follow a live Mass on the Internet.
The closest churches to Eynsham that have 24 hour live streaming are:

    Blackfriars, Oxford
          Weekday Masses at 7.30 (Monday to Friday) and 8.30 (Saturday).
          Sunday Mass 9.30.
          The advantage of going to this site especially in Holy Week and Easter is that
          instead of seeing a single priest you see the whole religious community taking
          part and you can eit
her view this live or view it when it suits you as they are all   
     Ss. Gregory & Augstine, Woodstock Road
         Weekday Mass at 9.30, Saturday Vigil Mass at 18.00          
         Sunday Mass at 8.00 and 10.30.

    Westminster Cathedral London
The National Catholic Shrine to Our Lady at Walsingham at Livestream area
    Directory of Parishes with Live Streaming: 
On the Homily page we published a weekly Homily written by Fr Martin.
On the Pandemic page are links to pages which are worth to explore during the pandemic isolation.

Following the instruction that the Prime Minister gave last nightfrom the  morning 24th March the doors of all churches and chapels in the Archdiocese are closed to the public and that they remain permanently locked until these restrictions are lifted.  In this way we shall continue to play our part within every parish in fighting the Coronavirus and to show our solidarity with all those who are striving to overcome the current pandemic.


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