If you can’t take part in a Mass in the Church you can follow a Mass from your home: please go to Universalis for reading and prayer of everyday Mass and also follow a live Mass via the Internet.

The closest churches to Eynsham that have Mass live streaming are:
    Blackfriars, Oxford  https://www.youtube.com/user/Godzdogz
          Weekday Masses at 7.30 (Monday to Friday) and 8.30 (Saturday).
          Sunday Mass 9.30.
    The Oxford Oratory  Live Stream,
          Sunday Mass:  9.30 Parish Mass (Sung English),
                                     11.00 Solemn Mass (Sung Latin).
     Ss. Gregory & Augustine, Woodstock Rd https://www.churchservices.tv/oxford
         Weekday Mass at 9.30, Saturday Vigil Mass at 18.00          
         Sunday Mass at 8.00 and 10.30.
    Corpus Christi, Headington https://www.mcnmedia.tv/camera/oxford
         Weekday  Masses at 10.00
         Sunday Mass at 9.00, 11.00 and 18.30.
    Westminster Cathedral London https://www.churchservices.tv/westminster
The National Catholic Shrine to Our Lady at Walsingham at Livestream area
    Directory of Parishes with Live Streaming: 

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