The Church remain closed at all times accept for public Masses during the Weekend on some days during the week, please see the Newsletter for details.

If you can’t take part in a Mass in the Church you can follow a Mass from your home: please go to Universalis for reading and prayer of everyday Mass and also follow a live Mass via the Internet.

The closest churches to Eynsham that have Mass live streaming are:
    Blackfriars, Oxford
          Weekday Masses at 7.30 (Monday to Friday) and 8.30 (Saturday).
          Sunday Mass 9.30.
    The Oxford Oratory  Live Stream,
          Sunday Mass:  9.30 Parish Mass (Sung English),
                                     11.00 Solemn Mass (Sung Latin).
     Ss. Gregory & Augustine, Woodstock Rd
         Weekday Mass at 9.30, Saturday Vigil Mass at 18.00          
         Sunday Mass at 8.00 and 10.30.
    Corpus Christi, Headington
         Weekday  Masses at 10.00
         Sunday Mass at 9.00, 11.00 and 18.30.
    Westminster Cathedral London
The National Catholic Shrine to Our Lady at Walsingham at Livestream area
    Directory of Parishes with Live Streaming: 

On the Pandemic page are links to pages which are worth to explore during the pandemic isolation.


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