About the Church

St Peter’s Catholic Church, Eynsham.




St Peter’s Catholic Church, Eynsham is a simple friendly Church situated in the pleasant village of Eynsham about 7 miles west of Oxford, England. Our Sunday Mass at 10.00am attracts people of all ages and backgrounds which is why we run a Children’s Liturgy in our Hall during the first half of Mass and always serve refreshments after the Mass for those who want to stay and meet others. Our Saturday Mass at 5.00pm is quieter and more reflective, as are our Weekday Masses.


Eynsham squareThe Church is at the southern end of the village just down Church Street and Abbey Street from the Village Square and is situated on the site of the ancient Abbey of Eynsham. Its grounds includes a peaceful graveyard and gardens with beautiful views south across the River Thames towards Wytham Wood. The Church and its grounds are open for anyone to use as a place of quiet and prayer.


Our life is centered round the Mass which Our Lord Jesus Christ gave to us the night before he died, as the way in which he would always be present for us, and the way we could offer our whole lives to him and thus be inspired to take his message of love and peace out into the world.


St Peters’ is also the Catholic Church for all villages around Eynsham. They are Long and Church Hanborough, Freeland, Cassington, Stanton Harcourt, Sutton and Northmoor.